How to Keep Your Fire Tablet’s Charging Port Safe

Your Fire tablet’s charging port, like that of many other devices, is delicate and easily broken. 
Investing in a magnetic charger, on the other hand, is a simple way to protect it from the wear and tear of repeated use. 
I’ll explain why it’s advantageous and recommend a few chargers to try on this page.

How did your Fire’s charging port get damaged? 

If you’re like me and use your Fire tablet frequently, you’re probably constantly attaching and detaching its charging wire. 

This in and of itself creates a lot of wear and tear, but the problem is exacerbated by the fact that most of us aren’t exactly gentle with our gadgets! 

The charging port is considerably more fragile than you might imagine, and yanking it out – or shoving it in too forcefully – can quickly inflict permanent harm. 

Even riskier is the practice of using the tablet while it is charging and propping it up on the wire – for example, when reading. This puts a lot of strain on both the port and the cable, which means you’ll have issues with both soon. 

Another common cause of accidental damage to the charging port on the Fire tablet is tripping over the cable when it is plugged in. 

Either your Fire tablet or the charging cable will be pulled from the connector. 

A damaged port can often spell the death of a Fire tablet, despite the fact that it sounds better than a potentially smashed screen. Repairing them is complex and expensive, with the cost of repairs frequently exceeding the cost of a new tablet!

Make the switch to a magnetic charger. 

Using a magnetic charger to shield your charging port from these dangers is a fairly simple solution. 

It works in a straightforward manner. A magnetic charger is made up of two components: the cable and a separate connector. Simply insert the connector into your charging port, where it will remain. As soon as you bring the cable close to your device, it will magnetically connect to the connector. 

You save the wear and tear caused by continuously removing and rejoining the connector because it is permanently installed in your Fire tablet. 

Another advantage is that any dust or debris will be kept out of the port. 

If you fall over a magnetic cord while charging your Fire, it will break away at the point of connection without ripping off the connector. This also keeps your tablet from tumbling to the ground! 

NOTE: There are two types of magnetic charging cables: those that can transport data and those that are only used to charge your gadgets. When choosing one, make careful to read the specifications to make sure it will accomplish what you want it to!

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